Eternity solution

Here is a picture of our solution in various different formats.

The following two are probably the best for displaying on a screen. png is a free version of gif.

  • grey png, small (128k)
  • grey png, medium (125k)

    (Don't ask me why the larger picture is the smaller file.)

    The following three are best for printing out as they are in resolution-independent formats. pdf is likely to work if you use Windows and postscript is likely to work if you use a version of Unix or have a postscript printer.

  • pdf (16k)
  • postscript (gzipped) (16k)
  • postscript (uncompressed) (149k)

    And these are non-antialiased black-and-white png files which you could use for printing if the above formats fail (and your browser can do the appropriate conversion).

  • png, medium (57k)
  • png, big (119k)

    Can you spot the parallelogram in the solution?

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