midi <-> ascii conversion

Two programs to convert midi to ascii and ascii to midi (.mid to .txt and .txt to .mid).

The text format is simple and allows editing of midi files using your favourite text editor or other program. There are several different ways the timing of notes can be specified: you can choose the one most appropriate for the edit you want to do. For example you might want to type in a piece of music, insert/delete notes or change the track of notes, none of which would be quite so easy in midi's 'native' delta-time format.

  • asc2mid.c
  • mid2asc.c
  • instructions

    These are precompiled versions for Windows to shortcut the build process. They were compiled on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine. I don't know how cross-compatible these will be with other versions of Windows.

  • asc2mid.exe
  • mid2asc.exe

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